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6 Reasons to Get Personal Loan from NBFCs

6 Reasons to Get Personal Loan from NBFCs

For a very long time, banks were the only option accessible for anyone wishing to obtain loans. However, with the changes being made by the RBI in the banking sector, it has completely given the freedom for the entry of NBFCs, or Non-Banking Financial Companies.

A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is an organisation that has been registered under the Companies Act, 2013, of India and is active in the loan and advance, stock and bond acquisition, hire-purchase insurance, and chit-fund businesses. However, NBFCs do not include institutions whose primary business is agriculture, industrial activity, purchase or sale of any goods or providing any services, or sale/purchase/construction of immovable property.

The finest NBFCs for personal loans provide favourable terms that make it easy for borrowers to repay their debts. It might be difficult for people to decide whether to borrow money from traditional sources or non-banking financial institutions. Sticking with NBFCs can frequently be the better option for a variety of reasons.

Do banks and nonbanking financial companies (NBFC) resemble one another?

As they finance money and make assets, NBFCs engage in similar activities to banks, however, there are a few differences that are detailed below:

  • Demand deposits are not accepted by the authorities.
  • NBFCs are not a part of the system of payment and settlement and are unable to issue checks drawn on themselves.
  • Unlike in the case of banks, depositors of NBFCs are not eligible for the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation's deposit insurance programme.

What Separates Banks and NBFCs

The Reserve Bank of India regulates banks, both public and private (RBI). Even though they are also registered with the RBI, NBFCs are governed by the 1956 Companies Act. While NBFCs are more forgiving, banks have stricter guidelines for loan acceptance. Different benchmarking schemes for personal loan interest rates exist among banks and NBFCs.

The RBI has given NBFCs complete control over the interest rates that they can charge. It is because of internal benchmarking, whereas bank interest rates are subject to the whims of the RBI policy rates and market forces.

The quality of a personal loan from an NBFC differs from that of a bank in several ways, as listed below:

Loan Qualification

In comparison to what banks require, NBFCs have much more lenient qualifying requirements.

  • Should fall between 21 and 57 years of age.
  • Should earn at least Rs. 15,000 per month in income.
  • Lending to potential self-employed candidates.

On the other hand, banks have far tougher income requirements, particularly for self- employed people.

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Requirements for Documentation

Nobody wants to go around in circles attempting to obtain numerous copies of various documents. Sometimes, only three of the most crucial pieces of paperwork are needed.

Process Duration

Banks typically need a few days to a few weeks to process a loan, though processing times vary depending on the lender. However, NBFCs have started offering loans with approval times as short as a few hours, making them the ideal option for borrowers seeking rapid personal loans.

Minimum Credit Score Required

One of the most significant things taken into account by lenders is your credit score. The likelihood of obtaining a loan with low-interest rates increases with a credit score. The majority of banks need a CIBIL score of 750 or higher from candidates. Even people with relatively poor credit ratings can apply because there are no strict requirements.

What are the criteria for NBFC Personal Loans?

The following are the requirements for NBFC loan eligibility:

The applicant's age must be at least 22 years old when applying for NBFC financing (varies from lender to lender).
The loan's maximum age at maturity must be under 58 years (varies from lender to lender).
Salaried personnel employed by a government agency, a commercial business, or a multinational corporation may apply.
The candidate may possess at least a year of professional experience.
The applicant has to be an Indian citizen to be eligible for the loan.

Here are 6 Reasons to Get Personal Loan from NBFCs

1. Quicker Transfers

Before granting credit requests, traditional lenders frequently need borrowers to complete a number of formalities; this is not the case with NBFCs. As a result of streamlined financing, one can obtain funds from an NBFC quickly and easily. The majority of lenders also provide an online application option, which can drastically lessen the inconveniences.

An individual can use a step-by-step application process for a personal loan from NBFC to submit a speedy cash request to the lender. Some reputable lenders offer loan disbursals in as little as 24 hours of application, enabling customers to use this credit to finance crises.

2. More Rapid Processing

The majority of banks are constrained when determining a borrower's eligibility for personal loans by established procedures, laws, rules, and regulations. When you apply for a personal loan, there are a number of procedures they must follow to evaluate your eligibility, your supporting documents, and your creditworthiness before they can approve and disburse the loan. You might need to wait 1-2 weeks to see the money in your account.

On the other hand, because they have more leeway to be flexible with standards, NBFCs are renowned for their quick loan processing and approval. If you meet all the requirements for a personal loan, an online loan can typically be authorised in a matter of minutes. You may easily apply for a personal loan from the convenience of your home.

3. Minimal Documentation

Another area where NBFCs make things easier for borrowers is with documentation. Most of these lenders restrict documentation to only a few crucial pieces of information rather than demanding submission of several documents proving one's income and finances.

For instance, NBFCs allow customers to apply for personal loans with documents like their KYC, account statements, and pay stubs. The key documentation needed when applying for a personal loan from an NBFC must still be verified.

4. Less Stringent with Credit Scores

If your CIBIL credit score is below 700, getting a personal loan from a bank will be exceedingly challenging. In fact, some banks have tightened their requirements even further and won't consider anything below 750 due to the mounting number of failed loans. Additionally, the credit score criterion is minimal, making it simple for people to be approved for funding. However, NBFCs do not strictly judge your creditworthiness based just on your credit score. With a credit score between 600 and 650, you can still have a shot, albeit the loan might be a little more expensive than you anticipated.

Some innovative thought NBFCs and Fintech firms are now evaluating loan applicants by taking into account factors other than credit score and credit history.

5. Equivalent Rates

One of the key elements affecting how much a personal loan from NBFC will cost overall is the interest rate. When compared to other lending sources, NBFCs are well renowned for providing personal loans with cheap interest rates. The prime lending rate that NBFCs adhere to is the cause of this variation in interest rates.

6. Collateral-free Business Loan

One of the key benefits provided by NBFCs is the ability to obtain a business loan even without pledging collateral as security for the loan. One of the main reasons why small businesses have resorted to hunting for unauthorised sources of capital funding is the requirement for collateral in order to obtain a business loan approved by banks. However, thanks to NBFCs, a company can now obtain a business loan at a reasonable interest rate even if it lacks any form of security.

Banks and NBFCs both provide personal loans. While banks are renowned for charging low interest rates, NBFCs are quickly transforming by giving consumers competitive rates. NBFCs are a wonderful option if you require money immediately and without any hassle. Each person has unique wants and requirements. While some want greater loan amounts and quicker loan approval, others favour excellent customer service. Your needs must guide your choice of lender and product.


In comparison to bank loans, NBFC loans are more recent, yet there are still a number of benefits to choosing them.

Non-banking financial institutions, or NBFCs, lend money and manage investments. Public and private banks are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. Institutions engaged primarily in agriculture, industry, or the buying or sale of any items are not considered NBFCs. The approval timelines for loans from NBFCs are now as little as a few hours. Some trustworthy lenders offer loan disbursals as soon as 24 hours after receiving an application.

Most lenders also provide an online application option, which can significantly reduce the hassles. Customers can apply for personal loans from NBFCs using documents such as their KYC, account statements, and pay stubs. The critical records required to apply for an NBFC personal loan must still be validated. Your creditworthiness isn't solely determined by your credit score by NBFCs.

Faster processing times, excellent customer service, and a simple application process are just a few of the factors that contribute to the popularity of these loans. Because of the additional flexibility in the credit score standards, NBFC personal loans are among the more well-known loans on the market.

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