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Terms & Rates

Rate of Interest 12 - 36% per annum
Processing Fee 1 - 5%
Conversion Fee 1 - 5%
Mandate Return Fee 500/- [inclusive of GST]
Overdue Interest 0.5% per day
Foreclosure Fee 5%,
Nil when prepaid on or after 1st EMI Due Date
Extension Fee 5%
Freelook Period 3 days
  • Our Interest Rate is varied and different for different customers. Our loan pricing is a function of multiple risk factors like nature and consistency of income, quality and stability of employment, expense and saving patterns, past and present credit profile of borrower etc.

  • Processing & Conversion Fees are payable on loan amount and deducted from loan amount at time of disbursement. Higher the loan amount, lower the Processing Fees. You do not pay any fees separately to lendingplate.

  • We offer Freelook Period to all our customers. If you are not happy with our services, you may return our loan money in the first 3 days of availing the loan without paying any fees on it. You pay only the interest for the number of days you actually used the loan money.

  • Foreclosure Fee is not applicable from the 1st EMI Due Date. Our Personal Loans are not overdraft limits but we allow you to foreclose your loan any time and day. The Foreclosure Fee is applicable only when you foreclose the loan too early. Our loans are short term and for operational reasons we do not allow Partial Prepayment during the tenure of loan.

  • Extension Fee is payable only on the loan outstanding amount at any point of time during the tenure of the loan.

  • GST applicable on all types of Fees and payable by customer.