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Ways to Get Instant Personal Loan without CIBIL Score

Ways to Get Instant Personal Loan without CIBIL Score

Are you seeking different ways to get personal loan without CIBIL score online? Securing a chance to apply for an urgent loan for CIBIL defaulters might be an indeterminate challenge. Amidst digital revolutions, lenders heavily depend on candidates' CIBIL scores to evaluate their repayment ability and trustworthiness.

An ideal candidate must have a minimum credit score of 720 to 750 for their personal loan application's approval. Technically speaking, your credit score is not just a number but a tool that strengthens your credibility for repaying the loan on time.

So, when lenders see your application doesn't include this metric, they will either reject the application or ask for a higher rate of interest.

So, whether you have a no or low credit score, this guide is for you. Here, you will see how applying for an instant personal loan becomes easier without a score.

Apply for an Instant Personal Loan without Credit Score – Outlining 7 Ways

Personal loans do not include collateral, so lenders have higher risks. Thus, lenders check candidates' credit history to evaluate their creditworthiness and repayment capabilities. But it's a big misconception to think that you won't get a personal loan without CIBIL score. You can find any of these methods effective for your loan application if you have a low or no CIBIL score.

Let's check out the most popular ways to get an instant personal loan without CIBIL score in India:

1. Opt for a Lower Amount of Personal Loan

The best way to get your personal loan application approved is by applying for a loan with a lower amount. The financial risks of lenders automatically decrease when you apply for a small loan without CIBIL. Suppose you earn ten lakhs annually. So, if you apply for a Rs. 50,000 personal loan without CIBIL score, the lender would not hesitate as your income is high.

In most cases, the financial institute or bank needs an application from the candidate stating the reason behind the low credit score. An applicant can convince the bank or financial institute about technical issues and apply for a lower amount of personal loan.

If the lender finds your applicant worthy of the loan, they will disburse it. They will need certain documents, like income proof, a salary slip, and an ITR, to assess your repayment creditworthiness.

2. Show Your Income Proof

Showing your income evidence increases the chance of an instant loan without CIBIL. So, the next way to apply for the personal is by showing your income proof. While submitting the application form, you must attach your income proof. You can attach freelancing or business evidence (as an employer) if you are self-employed.

Most banks and financial institutes need your income proof, as it gives evidence of what you earn monthly. Once you provide proof of a steady income, the lender will approve the loan. You may need to show these documents:

  • Bank statement
  • Pay slips (for employees)
  • Income tax return and more

3. Apply for a Collateral Loan

For applicants with higher credit scores, personal loans don't need any security. However, if you apply for a loan without CIBIL score or bad credit, you may need to offer security. The candidate may pledge a valuable asset and apply for a loan against that security.

It's a type of secured loan that includes some collateral. In some instances, collateral might be an asset that you use money to purchase. Suppose you want to apply for a mortgage for your home. In that case, the asset you buy will secure the loan. The same goes evident for the car loan.

With secured loans, the applicant is borrowing money by offering collateral as a guarantee. Collateral-based loans are a secure investment for financial institutes. You may apply for a loan against gold, property, or other assets, such as the following:

Car or Bike –

A machine or vehicle is a movable asset. Most lenders offer collateral loans against movable assets with a resale value. As a borrower, it's your responsibility to transfer your physical asset to get the collateral loan approved.

Gold –

In a nation like India, gold is a valuable asset. Gold is available in various forms—gold bars, coins, and jewellery. So, you can apply for a collateral loan against gold.

Real Estate –

Land, or property, is another popular type of collateral. A borrower with a low credit score can consider applying for an instant personal loan against a home or land. You need your property documents, income proof, ID proof, bank statement, contact details, and address proof.

Stock Market Investments –

India is a booming industry when it comes to the stock market. So, if you want to apply for an instant personal loan, you may get it against your personal investments like mutual funds, stocks, and bonds.

Even sovereign gold bonds are used as collateral from NBFCs. However, before submitting the loan application with the collateral details, you must compare different loans online.

Most lenders would need the following documents for a collateral-based instant loan without CIBIL score:

  • ID proof (PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc.)
  • Address proof
  • Income proof (business name for self-employed applicants or payslips for salaried millennials) and other relevant documents

4. Opt for an NH or NA on the Credit Report

Individuals with bad credit face a lot of challenges during the personal loan application process. So, what if your report has no credit history for the last 36 months? You can obtain this with the NH or NA on the credit report. Now, what is NA or NH?

Simply put, NA refers to the History not Available, and NH means No History. This mark on the credit report denotes the absence of prior credit activities. So, with NH or NA on the report, you won't have any credit history. It indicates that the cardholder had no credit transactions over a few months. So, there's no credit risk.

After the lender checks this report, you can discuss your credit inactivity. In most cases, the lender considers such applications. However, you may get the loan application approved at a higher interest rate.

5. Peer To Peer Lending

Want to apply for 300 credit score loans? P2P, or peer-to-peer lending, is the next promising way to get a loan without CIBIL score. Here, you borrow the money from a lender at flexible repayment terms.

You can pay the loan back in monthly instalments over a while. It's a more accessible funding source than traditional loans from banks or financial institutes, as the credit rating does not matter here.

However, a borrower should be responsible and trustworthy, for peer-to-peer loans are associated with higher risks. Most P2P lending platforms need the following documents:

  • Your ID proof
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar card or PAN card
  • Address proof
  • Bank statements
  • Utility bills (electricity, water consumption, etc.)
  • Income proof (pay slips, ITR, or more)

6. Get a Joint Loan or Find a Reliable Co-Applicant

It's one such loan application where you can have a reliable family member becomes your guarantor. A joint loan is the best type of personal loan without CIBIL, or income proof (at times).

A personal loan might be available without a co-applicant. But when you have a low or no credit score, you may apply for an amount with a guarantor.

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Before the bank sanctions the instant loan without CIBIL, it first evaluates the income and credit score of the co-applicant. If your co-applicant has a decent CIBIL score and income proof, your application gets approved. However, both applicants must understand the process before signing the agreement. A guarantee can be anyone:

  • Your parent
  • Sibling
  • Spouse
  • Or any relative

Availing of the loan with a guarantor means the lender will consider both your eligibility. So, even if you have a low credit score, your co-applicant's CIBIL score improves your chances. Your guarantor's higher credit score won't impact your CIBIL score. However, it might increase the chance of loan approval.

With a co-applicant, you can get the personal loan approved. However, you must ensure that you repay the monthly amount on time. Otherwise, your co-applicant becomes liable to pay the amount when there's a default on your part.

7. Applying for a Personal Loan via NBFC

Compared to banks, non-banking financial companies have better policies for loan applicants. So, even with a low credit score, you can apply for a personal loan without CIBIL score via an NBFC. You need to perform minimum paperwork if you want to apply for an NBFC loan without CIBIL. 

Non-banking financial companies don't consider a low credit score a red flag. These financial institutes follow a more practical procedure to assess candidates' eligibility and repayment abilities. The customized evaluation lets these companies evaluate each applicant's eligibility more accurately.

NBFCs offer a great chance to avail of an instant personal loan without CIBIL. However, it's always a borrower's responsibility to repay the amount on time. As a borrower, you must carefully assess your financial condition before you take the amount from the financial institution.

Final Words

You can simply opt for any of the above methods to apply for a personal loan without CIBIL score or with bad credit. You need to fill out the loan application form precisely. Remember to present authentic information about your income, address proof, and other documents. Any incorrect information may result in denial. With the above things in mind, you can secure your chances for an instant personal loan.

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